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Join us! for a taster dog training session with one of our expert trainers. We will help you build the right skills needed to lead your pack with confidence and pride. You will see the change in your dog from the get-go. Simply put, our training methods work!
Our methods are easy to learn and can be Implemented instantly! with consistency as the only caveat to success. 

No dog is beyond rehabilitation. At The Pack Concept we cover a wide range of behavioural issues. A number of which are listed below:
•Anxiety•Excessive Barking •Difficulties Walking •Problems With Recall•Aggression •PTSD
& much much more…..

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Who We Are

Passionate. Patient. Persistent.

At The Pack Concept we understand that there is nothing more rewarding than a happy and harmonious relationship between you and your dog. 
It is our mission to equip you with the tools you need to fix challenging behaviour while building trust & respect through clear, consistent commands. Our company was originally founded in Düsseldorf Germany. We now have the privilege to be working in multiple Countries across Europe which allows us to continue to help as many dogs & people as we can. 

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